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Characteristics of Biomass Build up in Hydrocarbon Degradation: The Matlab Simulation Approach

Chukwuemeke. P Ukpaka


Mathematical model was developed to monitor and predict the characteristic of biomass build up in a fluidized bed reactor up the degradation of hydrocarbon using MATLAB ODE 45. The developed model was used in monitoring, predicting and simulating the characteristics of microbial interaction with the substrate in the fluidized bed reactor. Although, spillage and contamination is a known problem in human existence and the degradation of hydrocarbon using different technique has emerged. In this research the model equation for the degradation of hydrocarbon in a fluidized bed reactor was developed, taking into consideration the reactor characteristics. The fluidized bed was considered to operate in a continuous mixed and steady state conditions. The developed kinetic model was solved using MATLAB ODE 45, where it was observed that the substrate concentration profile was decreasing while other functional parameters were increasing (SO, ┬Ámax,and Xao) upon the influence of time. There is a need to extend such studies to pilot scale for more efficient result.

Keywords: Characteristics, biomass, hydrocarbon, degradation, matlab, simulation, approach

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