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Utilization of solar energy for Pesticide Sprayer

M Sabitha, N. Sampath, V. Rajesh, B. SAIRAM GOUD


solar pesticide sprayer is mainly used to reduce the effect of pollution. Conventional engine pumps have high maintenance cost and high self weight than compare to solar sprayer.
In this project, we are using renewable energy source which is used to run the sprayer. Renewable energy means it available unlimited and pollution free energy. In this project, the electricity which is used to run a sprayer pump is generated by solar panel. Photovoltaic plates are absorbing solar energy by the radiation. Here we are using a DC pump instead of petrol engine. In this project we used solar energy instead of other traditional energy. We are specially used level sensor which is used to detect the level of pesticide insides the tank. The pesticide level is reached below the predetermined stage which we will set by our requirements then the audible sound will come.
Keywords: Solar Panel, Battery, DC pump, Pesticide Tank.

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