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Modal Analysis of a Cracked Cantilever Beam Using ANSYS Workbench

M.Kiran Kumar, Md.Adil Pasha, Md. Amir Khan, Ch.Nagaraju Nagaraju


ABSTRACT: Structure health monitoring using finite element software such as ANSYS workbench is an emerging trend in recent years to detect damage in structures used in mechanical, civil constructions, aerospace, locomotive, automobile, turbine blades etc. In this paper, modal analysis on a Cantilever beam is considered to identify the effect and severity of damage detection with and without crack on beam the fixed at one end. The load applied at free end of the cantilever beam is considered as 100N. The forced vibration on Timoshenko beam model is examined for study with multiple variations in position and depth of crack examined in analysis of cracked beam. The Natural frequencies of the beam are compared for identification of optimal results.
KEYWORDS: Structure health monitoring, ANSYS Workbench, Cantilever beam, Crack, Modal analysis

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