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A new method for biodiesel destruction prevention during storage and transportation

Michael Shoikhedbrod


Storage and transportation conditions are the most important during biodiesel storage and transportation processes at which the biodiesel preserves its working properties. Under winter conditions the biodiesel has a tendency become to gel in cold weather. As result of this, the filters clogs are formed that plugged the fuel lines. For preventing biodiesel from freezing at present time the heating at 45° to 50°Fis used as pure biodiesel made from vegetable oil can safely be stored at these temperatures. From the other side, for biodiesel transportation the transportation tank must be heated lower than 200°F.

Paper represents a new developed method of biodiesel working properties destruction prevention in the storage and transportation processes by more cost-effective way using vibration action on biodiesel fuel in the regime of process of vibro-turbulization.

Keywords: Storage and transportation of biodiesel; vibration action on biodiesel fuel; vibro-

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