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Developing a Simple, Innovative Water MMI Device for IWRM: An Innovative Initiative of Engineering Students Towards Water Challenge

Manasi Vyankatesh Ghamande, Sacchidanand S. Gogawale, Sanjeevani Gogawale


Water plays a crucial role for life on our planet. Our water sources are affected by human activities like use of fuel, as contrast to other living being. It is our moral responsibility to identify and correct the negative impacts and spread the awareness and to motivate all, to solve the problem created by us. MMI means measure, monitor and improve. A simple monitoring, detecting and treatment device is developed by us to spread awareness. It has further scope for betterment for ease of operation, need based. This device is an innovation using clean and clean up technology, indicating water purity and providing simplified treatment till grade 1, medium risk to low risk applications. This treatment and the concept is as detailed in this paper. This device can be used for quick check and simple treatments universally, if the contaminants are known and treatment is validated, and where elaborate potable water test labs and treatments are not available. The device detects and corrects medium and low risks, based on simple detection, treatment and prompts for suitable applications, storage and further treatment. The device facilitates the integrated water resource management based on the grading and treating the water, for suitable applications. This spreads, motivates and promotes the 4 R concepts of refuse, reduced use, reuse and recycle. Simple detection and simple treatment as pH test and neutralization, visual test and filtering, by selective membrane, removal of irritants (foul smell, color, ions) and activated carbon (or graphene treatment, if needed) with a device currently having activated carbon developed from garbage and validated by atomic, and mass spectrometer is done, to reach the grade 1 purity level, as detailed in the paper.

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