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Thermodynamic Equilibrium Modeling of Sunflower Husk Gasifier to Produce Synthesis Gas

M. Shuaib Ahmed, D. Kotaiah Naik, B. Satyavathi, R. Parthasarathy


Energy from biomass offers the great attraction in producing useful gaseous component resulting in low emissions and providing energy security. In the present study a gasifier model was developed using commercial Aspen Plus simulator. The model developed was based on the minimization of Gibb’s free energy and is validated with the experimental data of sunflower husk gasification using air as a gasifying agent. The results predicted are in good agreement with the experimental values. The effect of the operating parameters such as excess air ratio, oxygen to biomass ratio, steam to biomass ratio, moisture content in fuel and temperature on the gas composition and heating value were studied. The oxygen/biomass ratio and steam/biomass ratio were varied from 0.1-1 with temperature ranging between 700 to 900°C. The higher heating value for oxygen and steam was observed in a range of 12-15MJ/m3 and 11.5-14.5MJ/m3 respectively, as the moisture content in the sunflower husk was varied from 5-20%. An increase in operating temperature results in decrease of gasifying agent and increase in heating value of the product gas. The present study is useful in operation of a gasifier and predicts the adverse effect on heating values using different gasifying agents are employed.

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