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Detection of Trans Fats in Oils

Manasi Vyankatesh Ghamande, Kumar Kirad, Suraj Shinde, Prasanna Bairagi, Pranav Shinde, Revati Sahane


Today’s society is highly concern about their health which focuses our efforts in one direction that is how to eliminate harmful elements from our daily diet. One of them being Trans fatty acids. Detections of these can be done by various methods, but most of them are lengthy and tedious with varying accuracy. This reason has been the driving force for development of alternative methods to find accurate measurements. In this project, we have detected trans fats in oils and other substances by using a very popular method known as IR spectroscopy. By using spectrophotometer, we have got the graphs which showed different peaks at different wave numbers from which we concluded the presence of a particular trans-fat acid. Further by doing nutritional analysis we concluded that the presence of that particular trans-fatty would be harmful or not for human health, and if harmful what would be it effects and moreover which diseases could it lead after its being consumed.

Keywords: ft-ir graphs, ft-ir spectroscopy, future scope, trans fats

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