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Design of Calcium Stearate Production Plant Capacity of 10,000ton per Year from Cow Bone and Palm Oil Using ASPEN HYSYS

C. P. Ukpaka, Godpower Ikechukwu Okochi, Patience N. Ikenyiri


The design and simulation of 10,000 ton/yr capacity Calcium stearate plant was performed using ASPEN HYSYS version 8.8. The HYSYS model of the plant was developed using data from literature. The material and energy balance of the various components of the plant was performed manually and with HYSYS for comparison. The design/equipment sizing, Mechanical design, costing and economic evaluation, process control of the functional parameters of the various equipment and finally the full HYSYS process flow diagram of the model was performed. The Calcium stearate reactor was simulated to study the effect of process functional parameters such as reactor dimensions, temperature, pressure, The effect of reactor size and number on calcium stearate output was studied by simulating the plant with 1water saturation tank, 3 storage tanks, 1 mixer, 1 heat exchanger, 1 heater and 1 conversion reactor. The results of the material and energy balance of the various components of the plant performed manually and with HYSYS showed a maximum deviation of 0.8%. The design and sizing results of various functional parameters of the reactor in terms of Volume, Diameter, Height, Space time, Space Velocity, and Volume flowrate respectively were: 45m3, 3.368m,5.052m,1.8892hr,0.5293/hr,23.82m3/hr. The design and sizing results of the heat exchanger in terms of Heat load, Heat transfer area, log mean temperature difference (LMTD), Overall heat transfer coefficient, tube length, number of tubes, pitch were: 69.94KW,60.32m2, 49.79oC, 23.29W/m2K, 4.83m, 160, 50mm. The effect of reactor sizeshowed that at 90% conversion the following output results were obtained for calcium stearate product in terms of mass flow rate, molar flow rate, composition (mole fraction), and yield: 479.53kg/hr,0.79kgmole/hr, 0.0541, and 0.8988 respectively.


Keywords: Cow bone, Calcium stearate, Aspen HYSYS, Palm oil extract, ASPEN HYSYS

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