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Antibacterial Activity of Aqueous Extracts of Solanum nigrum and Withania somnifera

Snehal Gagare, Surekha Chavan


The present investigation is designed to evaluate the phytoconstituents of the common weeds of Solanaceae family. The study also focuses on the antibacterial properties of weeds of Solanaceae family, Solanum nigrum (SN) and Withania somnifera (WS). The Phytochemical screening shows the presence of Phenolics, Flavanoids, Saponins, Tanins, Quinolones, Glycosides, Steroids, carbohydrate
in the aqueous extracts of Solanum nigrum (SN) and Withania somnifera (WS). The agar well diffusion method was used to assess the antibacterial activity of aqueous extracts. The comparative analysis of antibacterial activity of both WS and SN shows that aqueous extracts of SN has more pronounced effect on the Pseudomonas aeroginosa, E. coli and Proteus vulgaris than Withania somnifera (WS) whereas both the aqueous extract show same zone of inihibition for Stahphlococcus aureus. The preliminary study depicts that the weeds possess antibacterial potential. The agar diffusion method revealed that the Gram-negative P. aeruginosa has been the most responsive microbe, whereas the aqueous extract had a growth-inhibitory impact on Gram-positive bacteria. Interestingly, using this method, the extract had minimal effect on E. coli and other Gram-negative bacteria.

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