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Overview of Microbial Action of Oil Palm Fibre Remediation of Crude Oil Polluted Soil Environment

C. P. Ukpaka, N. I. Ekperi


The possible microorganisms capable of degradting curde oil was isolated, identified and characterized in the different oil palm fibre. Elaesis Guineernsis the bacteria isolated and identified are Enterococcus sp, Staphococcus sp. Bacillus sp. Lactobacillus sp. Pseudomonas Streptomyces sp. Corynebacterium sp whereas the fungi.are Penicillum sp. Cladosporium sp. Aspergillusnidulans Microsporumaudouinii and for theĀ  Tekena Species the following bacteria was isolated and identified as Staphylocccus sp, Bacillus sp. Enterococcus sp. Lactobacillus sp. Corynebacterium sp.whereas for fungi Aspergillusnidulans, Penicillum sp. Verticilliumsp, Cladosporium sp. Mucor sp. Cunninhamella sp. The results obtained in terms of the possible elements presented on the two species of the oil palm fibre revealed that the concentration of the available nutrient activate the microbial growth as well as the crude oil degradation.

Key words: Microbial, oil palm fibre, remediation, crude oil, polluted soil, environment.

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