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Studies on Preparation of Tiles from Slag

B. Goswami


This article is the study of issued forms for advanced ceramics manufacture from proportioned waste slag from iron and steel manufacture. Huge slag disposal has linked waste landfill originated pollution and loss of flora and fauna in the area, henceforth subjected reuse/recycle slag for useful purposes. Tile/shaped piece is made of glass-ceramics, in which slag (partly amorphous) is added in proportion to reduce a huge load of usual raw material (crystalline) supply. Blast furnace slag (BFS) and electric arc furnace (EAF) slag admix have improved properties after sinter formation. BFS increases strength and decreases thermal expansion of sinter-compacts. EAF slag has used as an additive, where certain characteristic features have linked to achieving advanced characteristics. EAF slag has treated to be more pollutant than BFS.

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