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Review of Methods of the Desalination of the Sea Water

Michael Shoikedbrod


Among the existing today methods of the desalination of sea water most perspective for cost-effective and highly effective properties is a new multipurpose method of desalination of sea water using the effect of direct electric current (DC) on sea water in a continuous action two-camera desalinator, where in one of the chambers the cathode is located at its bottom and the anode located above the cathode is isolated from it by a membrane made from fire material hose that passes cations, hydroxyls and water molecules into the second desalinator camera and does not pass the sea water anions, leaving them in the first desalination chamber. In this article, along with a description of existing seawater desalination methods, a description of a new multipurpose seawater desalination method is presented, which permitted to avoid the drawbacks of existing methods and to obtain high quality fresh water on an industrial volumes simply and economically.

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