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Development of Biokinetic Model for Crude Oil Remediation using Neem-Water-Alcohol Root Extracts

C. P. Ukpaka, N. I. Ekperi, P. E. Uku


Model was developed to examine the degradation of crude oil in different soil environment using Neem roots extract subjected in fermentation for a period of one week. The Neem roots extract of 500g and 600g was used in carrying out the research work and both was extracted from fermented Neem roots in alcohol medium. The reaction mechanism was tested using first order rate constant with Neem treatment in both solvent of alcohol and water media and the results obtained revealed decrease in  with increase in the period of exposure (Time). In the case of the second order rate constant the  increases with increase in the period of exposure (bioremediation time). The research work illustrates the application and the usefulness of fermented alcohol and water media using Neem roots extract as a good approach and techniques to enahance bioremediation of contaminated soil environment.

Keywords:  Biokinetic model, crude oil, bioremediation, Neem-water-alcohol, root extract.

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